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Listen to what triathletes who work with Well-Fit have to say:

"I first came to Keith when I had just been released from physical therapy for a fractured ankle. The surgeon did not know if there would be remaining issues if I subjected the ankle (and under-developed leg) to endurance exercise. I had signed up for a half-Ironman earlier in 2013, so I simply asked Keith for his advice about training up for the race in 3 months. He took it from there and had me in the shape of my life by race day, with careful consideration of the ankle for a successful start.

In 2014, I asked Keith for another stint to train up for Steelhead. Only this time, I came to him completely healthy and ready to push. And am I ever glad I did! His approach was fresh, slightly more adventurous than my training off the injury last year, and invigorating every day (even rest days). My run test (as much ground as you can cover in 20 minutes) went from a 7:15 to a 6:44 mile in under 12 weeks. And his swim coaching is unbelievable. I did not swim beyond 25 meters prior to 2013, but I completed two half-Ironman races, and a 1 mile swim race (placing 3rd in my age group!). One session, he gave me a few pointers in the endless pool and upped my pace from a 1:36/100 yds to 1:28. And I was more comfortable with my form at the quicker speed. I finished Steelhead well under my goal time and had a blast doing it...and lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks.

Keith is a gifted mentor and a pleasure to work with. Planning the race and racing the plan sounds straight-forward, but his guidance and motivation to that end are invaluable.

On to the next thing!" ---- Dolan McMillan 

"This place is awesome" ----Former professional triathlete Sam Yount after visiting the training center

"My association with Sharone has been a very positive one. I had tried several trainers before working with Sharone and no seemed to have a big impact on my fitness level or motivation. Sharone and I set some small goals at the beginning and we worked hard to achieve them. From there we had a pattern of continually setting higher and higher standards and although each and every one was not always met the first time, my own enthusiasm for physical fitness grew tremendously to the point where it was fun and a part of my everyday life.

Due to a job transfer, I have not been able to train with Sharone for the better part of a year, however, the habits that were created are still with me today. In July I competed and finished my first Ironman in Lake Placid, NY and will finish another one in September of this year (with a much better time). Without the base that I created with Sharone these accomplishments simply would not have happened."

—Brandon Ost

"Wanted to thank you for helping me have an awesome Ironman year.Knowledge is power and the knowledge you shared with me through your coaching gave me the power to endure the test of Ironman with physical confidence and a peaceful state of mind. I look forward to my next Ironman season, with your coaching I know I will prevail."


"I just wanted to let you know that I finished the event 26:42 faster than I did last year! Twenty of those minutes were wiped from the bike portion. I was able to average about 15 mph, which was pretty significant for me.I have you to thanks. It's your great training that helped... Thanks, again, for helping attain my goal and improve my performance."

—Mary Jane Ryan