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Our Philosophy

Well-Fit Triathlon and Training is the premier coaching company creating world champions and everyday heroes.

Our Philosophy ‎

The foundation of every successful training program is the athlete. The best coach is an experienced ‎guide who begins with the hopes, dreams and desires of the athlete in mind and then tailors a ‎training plan based on the athlete’s current fitness, race schedule and lifestyle. Since 1998, Well-Fit ‎has helped thousands of individuals achieve success in many fitness areas. Well-Fit’s training ‎programs are directed by Sharone Aharon, the Midwest’s first USA Triathlon certified Level III coach, ‎and supported by certified and experienced coaching staff of USA Triathlon, Track & Field, and US ‎Cycling and personal trainers.‎

Three elements form the cornerstone of every Well-Fit training program:‎

‎• Every athlete has a potential talent that can be discovered and realized.‎

‎• Observing and testing the athletes are used to set a baseline and evaluate progress.‎

‎• The athlete’s development is a process purposefully structured training and accumulated ‎experience.‎

Well-Fit provides easy-to-understand instruction based on scientific research which is delivered ‎using the latest technology. The combined coaching and competitive experience of its certified ‎coaching staff plays a key factor in the quality of our programs. Constant communication and the ‎open exchange of ideas ensure a valuable and rewarding experience for athletes of every level.‎

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