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Well-Fit Racing Club

The Well-Fit Racing club will receive full support of Well-Fit and its sponsors and coaches.

What if I am over 50, is the Club for me?

Hell yes! A club cannot be successful on a regional and national level without covering all age groups, male and female. We need "experienced" veterans!

What if I am a member of another club?

That's fine. Different Clubs have different goals.

What if I am not "elite?"

No problem. Numbers count; we only ask that you give it your best every time out.

Do I have to be a member of the Well-Fit Training Center?

Yes, however members of the Well-Fit Training Center pay just $25 annually, and you will save that much in discounts on gear, transport, and lodging available through the Club.

Will there be race uniforms?

Yes, and they are awesome!