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Use altitude training to prepare for your next big climb

Whether you are looking to spend a week out west skiing or you are preparing for the climb of a lifetime on Kilimanjaro, you will need to pre-acclimate your body to survive lower levels of oxygen at altitude. It’s not just enough to show up with the proper gear. Studies suggest that activity above 8,000 feet will begin to affect your body and decrease your ability. The higher you climb, the thinner the air becomes which can have a significant effect on your aerobic performance and cause “altitude sickness.”

Well-Fit’s mountaineering programs can effectively prepare you for the low oxygen levels and environment using passive exposure and Hypoxic training (IHE and IHT). In addition, Well-Fit will offer a full conditioning program to prepare you for the physical demands of the trip. By exposing athletes to an environment low in oxygen, the body begins to adapt to the added stress of not having enough oxygen and gets more efficient at absorbing and processing oxygen in the body. Your body will learn to use oxygen more efficiently and in turn, exercise at high altitude will be much easier.

When you sign up as an altitude member, you will be put through a mountaineering test so our coaches can get a better idea of your baseline. Experts suggest beginning a program as much as 4 months before a serious high-altitude climb. Contact us to see what program is best for your next trip!

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