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Swim Programs

The best swim classes and programs in Chicago The swim is probably the most difficult and important part of any triathlon. Most people have the hardest time with the swim and nothing is more frustrating than spending hours training then spending 10 minutes floating on your back trying to catch your breath. Well-Fit’s phenomenal swim…  Read more »

Swim Technique II: Faster and Farther

November 30 |  4 Week Program |  Get Started

Swim Technique I: Balance and Comfort

January 4 |  6 Weeks |  Get Started

Swim Technique III

January 9 |  Get Started

Swim Technique Clinics

January 28 |  Get Started

Bike Programs

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite, Well-Fit’s cycling programs will take your performance to the next level Under the tutelage of our expert instructors, training at our CompuTrainer Studio will help you become a better rider. We are committed to: Insuring that each workout is tailored to your fitness level Providing individual attention with…  Read more »

Cyclocross Technique and Strategy

September 16 |  8 Weeks |  Get Started

Iron-Fit Cycling I & II

October 9 |  16 Weeks |  Get Started

Introduction to Cycling

January 1 |  Get Started

Member Classes

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9:30 Challenge

Get in the best shape of your life with this 8 week program! Well-Fit’s ultimate, total body conditioning program Do you want to lose weight, and get strong and fast at the same time? Join the Well-Fit ultimate, total body conditioning program. This is an eight-week training program designed for anyone who wants to get…  Read more »

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