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Well-Fit Cyclocross Training

Well-Fit Cyclocross Technique and Race Strategy

Returning for its 6th season, the Well-Fit Cyclocross Technique and Race Strategy training program will give you the skills, fitness, and strategy you need to be successful racing the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series (ChiCrossCup).

It's one thing to practice cyclocross skills on your own, but to be taught in a methodical manner by an expert instructor will accelerate your improvement, and give you a competitive edge on race day In this class, you can expect to learn what it takes to master the fundamentals and improve your racing performance.  To learn more about the sport of cyclocross and it's benefits click here.

Expect to learn more about:

  • equipment set up
  • mental preparation
  • bike handling skills
  • race strategy
  • training

Expect to significantly improve your bike handling skills as well as learn what it takes to prepare for and execute a race to the best of your ability. You will also be briefed before every race so you know what to expect and have a strategy for that weekend’s race.

The training group will meet once weekly every Saturday morning for 8 weeks. Each session will be held at one of the cyclocross race venues in the city of Chicago where the athlete will learn new skills as well as learn how to manage a race course with speed and grace.

Can’t attend class? Personal coaching, training plans and individual lessons are also available. Questions, contact Coach Ted at ted@wellfitinc.com.

For program participants, Well-Fit is offering a Cat 4 training program designed around the training program and the Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series. The plan will provide daily training guidance for the period the class meets. Plan will be provided via TrainingPeaks. Plan is available to class participants for free, and is available to non-participants for $100.


"This class took me from my first ever bike race to the State Championship race this fall. Ted’s training plan built fitness while honing the skills needed for cross racing. I got stronger, faster and had more fun training than ever before." - E. G., IL Cyclocross State Champion, Cat 4.

"I picked up cyclocross with no bike handling experience of any type. I wanted to improve my bike-handling skills and also stay in shape after the triathlon season. CX ended up being a perfect solution. I'm very fortunate and grateful that I had Coach Ted help prepare me with a well-designed race strategy to have both successful races and a full CX season." - R. K., Category 4 ChiCrossCup Champion 2009

"Ted, thanks for all the help this season. I learned a ton and am already looking forward to next season. I'm hooked on cross!" -S. B. Cat 4 racer

"This was a great class where we learned a lot from Ted both during practice and at races. He was more than willing to help address problem areas, such as off-camber turns and high-speed dismounts. He was also generous with great advice on dealing with tricky segments of each course, as well as at practice prior to race day. It felt great to cover the "basics" in each Saturday practice. Just wanted to let you know I was more than pleased with the class." -M. B. Cat 3/ Masters racer


Location: Well-Fit Training Center, Various parks in Chicago
Cost: Non-Members $250
CTC/CARA Members $225
Well-Fit Members $175
Day/Time: Saturdays at 10:00AM
Starts Sept 6, 2014

** Class cost will be refunded 50% if canceled no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date. After 2 weeks there will be NO REFUNDS. Injuries will be dealt with on a case to case basis. Any coupons or other discounts must be taken at time of purchase only.**