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Testimonials from participants in the Swim Technique Class

Great class to take and I really liked the video analysis of the before and after strokes…Valuable tips for starting triathlons in open water to stretch out in order to get space… The triathlon start simulation was very helpful… I could see what mistakes I was making in my technique and decreased my stroke rate by watching my video…Yes, I liked that the instructors gave one-on-one tips and pointers to everyone instead of addressing everyone as a group.

—Sue Buxton

It was an excellent experience, I had to unlearn the way I swam competitively in High School and College and then learn the new technique. I have a long way to go but it set me in the proper swimming direction… The video taping gave an insight to what I was doing wrong at the beginning, at the end I am hoping to see improvement in my technique and what I have to do to further improve… With out a doubt my swim technique improved.

—Aaron Kaiser

I am definitely more confident in my swim. I still have work to do, but if I can work on the technique and stamina, then I will be well-prepared for the Chicago Triathlon.

—John Ulrich

It was a great class—I loved it. The instruction was personalized and I really benefited from it… I feel more comfortable in the water-I no longer dread the swim portion of the tri... it's still not my favorite, but after taking the swim class I took 5 minutes off of my Olympic distance swim time… The video taping helped in that I could see the difference, the improvement from the class, and could see areas that I still need to work on. also helpful was that the drills were included in the video so that I can do them on my own and refresh my memory about the proper way to do the drill… Without a doubt my technique improved…The instructors both did a great job!... I would change nothing... but I'd take it again (and I will!)

—Anna Larson