Miami and F^3 Half Marathon


Miami and F^3 Half Marathon Training Program

October 3  |  17 weeks

Stay fit in the off season, improve your running and escape to Miami during the cold days of a Chicago Winter!  Local athletes, use this program to prepare for Chicago’s Original Winter Half Marathon- F^3 Lake Half Marathon! (Sign up now, early registration) Use code “wellfit18” at checkout to receive $7 off!

This program will address your running mechanics along with progressively developing the strength and fitness that you’ll need to race to your potential. We will look at how you train, discover what holds you back, and find a way to train so you can get the performance you deserve.  Finally, we will build your race plan and unleash the power of your mind so you can race as effectively as you can. 

This comprehensive training program includes:

  • Program designed and delivered by elite coach Sharone Aharon
  • A limit of 30 athletes, register early.
  • 17-week program with detailed daily training routines for beginners and intermediate athletes
  • Ability to customize the plan to your needs
  • Two weekly grouped coached session
    • Interval training and speed drills- Tuesday
    • Run Specific Functional Strength Training
  • Running mechanics video analysis
  • Performance testing is included for:
    • HR Training Zones
    • Training Runs Paces
  • Two weekly yoga sessions
  • Weekly newsletter full of training knowledge and racing tips

For more information email Sharone at



Well-Fit Training Center


Tuesdays at 6:30pm – Speed Workout

Thursdays at 6am – Run Specific Functional Strength Training


Non-Members: $300

CTC Members: $250

Well-Fit Members: $210


*CARA Members will pay non-member fee until proof of membership is provided.  Please bring your card to the front desk or email it directly to, after which invoices will be discounted.

** Class cost will be refunded 50% if canceled no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date. After 2 weeks there will be NO REFUNDS. Injuries will be dealt with on a case to case basis.

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