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Well-Fit Ironman Training - Athlete Testimonials

What better way to determine whether Well-Fit's Ironman training groups are for you, than through the words of actual Well-Fit athletes?  A sample of the outstanding feedback we’ve received is below:

I enjoyed training with the group, the dedication, the support, the friendships are irreplaceable. There was a feeling of not having to “think”, just “do” whatever is on the schedule for the day. I learned to trust the plan because the training works! - Melissa Carey 2009

I can't imagine training for Ironman any other way. The Well-Fit Ironman Wisconsin Training program was a perfect balance of fun and serious training. The group dynamic kept the workouts interesting and the six hour rides enjoyable. Most importantly, while wading in Lake Monona before the race, I felt 100 percent prepared, mentally and physically, for Ironman. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I really enjoyed training with the group and learned more this season than in all of my other triathlon seasons combined. I actually felt like an athlete at the end of this season!  -Mike Keach 2009

The Well-Fit Ironman Wisconsin Training Program 2009 not only enabled me to complete Ironman Wisconsin but made the entire training experience easy and fun as well. Elizabeth was a great coach who took this group of people and trained us all to be an Ironman. Coaches kept the training fun, kept us on task and pushed us when needed. Ironman training is a long 7-months with lots of ups and downs. Elizabeth never ever let us think that we could not do it. Training with a group was a fantastic way to make the time pass during those 6 hour training rides on the bike or those 3 hour long runs or the 3000 yards of swim- Bruce Athlerley 2009

Liz, Keith, and the Well-Fit team put together a top-notch Ironman Wisconsin training program in 2009. It was comprehensive and well-structured, yet flexible to my schedule and keeps you accountable for results. Liz and Keith’s experience at the Ironman distance with training, nutrition, pacing, equipment, and special tips was invaluable. Steve Bus I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Well-Fit Ironman Wisconsin 2009 training program. I signed up for Ironman without ever participating in a triathlon. While many people thought I was crazy to do so, I found a group of very similar, focused and goal-oriented athletes in this training group. What I appreciated most about my interactions with the coaches was that there was never a question too dumb to ask, I never felt intimated to ask for more direction on a workout or exercise, and both coaches were always eager and willing to offer perspective or share their insight. I went from not knowing how to clip into my pedals in March to biking over 100 miles. Not only that, but I went from a complete novice swimmer only able to swim 100 yards in December to being able to swim 2.4 miles in open water. Both Liz and Keith have a great amount of passion for their sport which clearly resonates in their dedication and personal investment they make in helping each of us reach the pinnacle of our athletic capacity in becoming an Ironman. - Ryan Prendergast 2009 & 2010
* Ryan participated in the 2009 & 2010 program and dropped 90 minutes from his finishing time.

Where do I start? Your emails that were detailed and gave us so many ideas and feedback, your positive encouragement, your amazing way of “telling us like it is” with no surprises, your immediate email responsiveness, your fun upbeat personality, your ability to keep us focused, your willingness to help us work around schedules when needed. You are amazing and great at what you do! -  Donna Finnegan 2009

Thank you for an amazing 8 months of training. When I signed up for the Well-Fit Ironman Wisconsin group, I had heard from a friend that you were a great coach. I never imagined that working with you would be as incredible as it was. You held me accountable, kept me focused, pushed me, let me hit a low and also let me hit a high, and helped me become a smarter athlete. I've had coaches that I've loved and ones that I've hated. Never have I had a coach that I look up to as much as I do to you and trusted as much as you. You are an amazing example and I have had a blast. Whatever happens out there on the course I know I will be able to deal with it and keep moving forward toward the finish line, THANK YOU for giving me those skills and the confidence to attack this course. - Tory Harper, 2010

The Well-Fit Ironman Wisconsin training program is a wonderful experience. The coaching is the best anywhere, the camaraderie is a huge lift through the long weeks of training, and the facility is really impressive. In talking with friends that have trained for Ironman races who didn't use Well-Fit, I find I am much better prepared and have enjoyed the process of 'becoming Ironman' much more because of the program. If you are going to do an Ironman, this program is the way to go. - Dave Murphy, 2010

When I signed up for the group at the end of January, I really had no idea to expect, nor did I have any idea of how little I knew about what I was getting myself in to. I might have been able to complete the Ironman without the training group, but I a) would not have had the confidence and mental preparation that I gained from the class, b) would have been horribly malnourished throughout the race, c) would have burned out by the second loop on the bike, d) would have been in even worse trouble on the run had I not seen you, e) would not have trained as intelligently and had less overall fitness, f) may have injured myself in training and not made the start line at all and g) not had the camraderie of such a great group of athletes to support me during the highs and lows of training. Hearing the words 'Brian Schmidt, you are an Ironman!' as I crossed the finish line made everything over the last 9 months worth it. - Brian Schmidt, 2010


The most important thing I learned during this training was that consistency counts.  Two years ago, I never thought I could improve on my swim to feel confident enough to swim 2.4 miles in open water but I did and I felt ready on Sept. 11th because of the consistent training program.  Both of you as coaches are awesome!  You both know when to be encouraging when I needed it, and also provided specific solutions to problems that came up along the way.  I also really enjoyed training with a group - it provided the support and motivation when I needed it and made the overall experience a lot of fun.   I had a 22 minute PR at my half ironman and an 8 minute PR at international distance.  Thank you both for such a great experience.  I went into this thinking it was going to be a once in a lifetime event but I had so much fun along the way who knows... -Julianne Vanderhoogt


First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me achieve a goal that I have had for a number of years but was unsure I could ever accomplish.  From day one and throughout our months of training you provided the knowledge, inspiration, motivation and confidence to get us through this race, so thank you.  You told us to ‘trust the training’ and that is exactly what I did and what got me through the race.  The knowledge and dedication you both bring about the sport and the information, motivation and enthusiasm you provided was invaluable.   You not only taught us the how, but also the why of all aspects of our training.  I especially looked forward to the weekly recap, because that meant another long week was behind us, we were one week closer to the race and most importantly, it was packed with a lot of useful information.  The training, coupled with the great camaraderie of our entire team, made the many long days and hours of training well worth it.  I not only came away as an ‘Ironman’, but gained many new friends along the way for an incredible experience.  I can honestly say I enjoyed every single second of this entire journey and had a smile on my face the entire race.  Thanks for helping me reach my goal of becoming an Ironman.  I could not have done it without you. -Kathleen Harper


I think everyone who has ever toed the line at a triathlon of any distance has visualized finishing an Ironman. For a mid 40s dad like me who clicks a mouse for a living and could not swim this was a fantasy I had considered pretty far out of reach. This changed when I watched a friend finish Ironman Wisconsin a couple years ago. The Ironman store sells a shirt that says "Anything is Possible".  The Wellfit IM training program made IM possible for me.  Keith taught me to swim with long efficient strokes instead of thrashing my way across the pool like I had previously. Liz gave me insights into the mental aspects of Ironman. Completing and Ironman is surprising more mental than physical. When I jumped in the water to start that race there wasn't doubt in my mind that I was going to accomplish what I had previously considered impossible.  On August 18th I completed Ironman Louisville, and I bought that T-Shirt   Thanks again Keith & Liz, you guys rocked. -Kevin McNeill


I started with Keith and Liz 8 months before my first Ironman, completely blind to all the little things involved in this sport that so many ignore.  They taught me that it's so much more than swimming, biking and running.  The lessons I learned from them about nutrition, recovery and the overall effects on my body are lessons I'll have with me for the rest of my life.  The program had a great structure and the coaches were always accessible through email if not face to face in class.  They made sure there were no dumb questions in this sport and believe me I asked them.  Because of their help and guidance, I set a 27 minute PR for my half ironman in Racine and finished my first full ironman in 12:27, which is 28 minutes better than the average time in my age group.  I highly recommend their program and am looking forward to working with them again. -Paul Gavin


After having competed in numerous marathons, ultra-marathons and triathlon events I thought I knew most of what was needed to successfully complete my first IRONMAN.  Within the first couple weeks of Well-Fit instruction by coaches Elizabeth and Keith I realized how much I didn’t know and now couldn’t imagine doing this training without their guidance.  The program provided huge benefits in understanding not only what training to do for a particular day but the WHY you are doing – all in preparation for the 140.6.  As a person that loves detail and data I was not disappointed as during the program we were individually measured during LT testing (swim, bike & run) which was used to set our HR zones – vital for training and racing.  Return on my investment in Well-Fit occurred both in the knowledge gained during the training but ultimately when I crossed the finish line becoming an IRONMAN – and also set a half Ironman PR along the way.  Thanks Coach Liz, Coach Keith and Well-Fit! -John Spilman


When I signed up for Ironman I had never done a triathlon.  I was a marathon runner who swam as a kid and occasionally rode a bike for recovery. Without question joining this group was the best decision I could have made.  Liz and Keith taught us how to train intelligently, recover properly and how to adjust our nutrition in order to make it to the starting line healthy.  The group dynamic that Well-Fit provides is amazing, throughout 7 months of training there was always someone to ride or run with, and seeing my friends out on the IM course was a huge boost!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to tackle an Ironman. -Jessica Brannigan