Bike Shop


Bike Shop

Well-Fit is proud to offer a full service bike shop.  Our master mechanic with more than 16 years of experience is fully trained for simple flat fixes to complete overhauls and everything in between.

We offer FREE assessments to let you know just what your bike needs prior to working on it.

Questions?  Feel free to give us a call at 312-846-1222 or email us at

Well-Fit Pro Service Package:   Members $100                  Non-Members $110

This service package is our standard tune up which ensures you have a properly working and safe to ride bike.

  • brake adjustment and alignment
  • wheel/bike cleaning
  • front/rear derailleur adjustment
  • chain check for excessive wear and lubrication
  • inspect/secure all bolts for pedals, cassette, stem/handlebar, brake/shift levers


Well-Fit Premier Service Package:  Members $120             Non-Members $130

This package includes everything from our Pro Service Package plus the removal of your drive train.  Negligence of your drive train can lead to early wear of parts with every stroke.

  • removal of drivetrain for cleaning and re-lubing
  • crank and chain rings are removed and cleaned
  • front and rear derailleurs are removed and cleaned
  • new shift cables and housing are included


Well-Fit Master Complete Overhaul Service Package: Members $250       Non-Members $275

Everything is coming off the bike in this package.  A perfect time to replace those old accessories or add new ones.  Besides everything in the Pro and Premier packages, below is some of the added services you’ll receive:

  • removal and cleaning of bars, stems, fork, saddle, seat post
  • all parts are reinstalled with new cables, housings, and fittings
  • new stainless steel, coated brake and shift cables


Bike Fit: Please contact our partners at Get-A-Grip and set up an appointment

Whether you are a beginner or competitive cyclist, a proper bike fit benefits all levels of riders.  Training and racing with a professionally fitted bike will help with the following:

  • improve power output and speed
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • improve comfort especially on long rides
  • increase bike handling ability which increases safety
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