Elaine Gould


Elaine Gould

Certified Level 1, 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Instructor

Elaine focuses on improving strength, focus and flexibility in endurance athletes through yoga.

Elaine is a Certified Level 1, 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor.  She has been teaching yoga exclusively to athletes and runners for 4 years. Elaine began her yoga journey by accident.  After her second knee surgery due to long distance running, her physical therapist recommended yoga as a way to increase her flexibility and minimize injury. She began practicing once per week, and was hooked.

Ten years later, Elaine continues to enjoy endurance sports to the fullest. She has competed in triathlons from Sprint distance to Full Ironman.  Yoga has allowed Elaine to maximize her running performance and compete in eleven marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice.  Elaine’s experience in endurance events makes her unique to the yoga community. She hopes to instill strength, focus, and flexibility in all her students so that they may compete to the best of their ability.

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