Lauren Wong


Lauren Wong

Specializing in beginners and women

Integrated approach to personal training and performance

Lauren Wong is a USAT Certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach with a focus on beginners and women.  Lauren enjoys helping open people’s eyes to the “fun” of pushing yourself to your limits and crossing finish lines you never thought possible.  Lauren coaches athletes of all abilities, especially those training for their first events or looking to improve at swimming.
Lauren grew up swimming, on swim teams, teaching swim lessons and working as a lifeguard in high school.  She learned about running in college, primarily for fitness and health benefits.  She didn’t get seriously into the running and triathlon race event scene until moving to Chicago nine years ago and finding out that these sports also opened her up to a great community.  Lauren has completed six marathons and over fifteen triathlons, ranging from sprint to Ironman distances.

When not at Well-Fit, Lauren blogs at and works with the Chicago Tri Club as one of the club’s vice presidents.

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