Mauricio Andrade


Mauricio Andrade

Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from UIC

Mauricio’s passion for endurance sports and fitness aids in client progression

Mauricio’s passion for endurance sports and fitness has led him to participate in multiple events all over the world.  He loves all aspects of triathlons and for the last 15 years he has completed over 30 triathlons that range from Olympic to Ironman distance (all 5 Ironman’s overseas).  In addition to triathlons, Mauricio enjoys running and has done all distances from the beer mile to full marathons (he has qualified for Boston many times).

His love for endurance multisport has led him to pursue a career in exercise physiology from UIC which has helped him understand how to use different training methods to successfully accomplish clients’ goals without compromising technique, progression, etc.  During fitness evaluations, Mauricio specializes in recognizing improper movement up and down the chain which can be a clear indicator of restrictions or imbalances in the body.  By correcting them early on an athlete can avoid future injuries or setbacks along the road.

Mauricio works as a community liason and research assistant at UIC in a study with a grant of the National Institute of Health (NIH) that promotes physical activity in older Latinos with high risk of health disease.

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