Scott Jenkins


Scott Jenkins

Fascia Stretch Therapist

Scott uses Fascia Stretch Therapy to help his patients find a balance of strength and flexibility to reach peak performance!

Scott has a BS in Kinesiology and is a level II Fascia Stretch Therapist through Stretch to Win Institute. Scott provides extensive knowledge of human movement and more than 8 years experience working personally with clients to improve physical performance and correct movement imbalances.

Scott’s goal’s is to help each client find a balance of strength and flexibility through Strength training and Fascia Stretch Therapy. He believes for a person to function at their peak performance the body must be physically prepared. This mean a balance of strength and flexibility must be achieved to provide maximum physical performance with limited movement restrictions.

Fascia Stretch Therapy is a table based stretching technique that balances the tension within our body. Tension is good, it is necessary to move and function.  When this balance of tension is off, the body creates restrictions to movement, limiting physical activity. Fascia Stretch Therapy balances this tension allowing the body to move properly around joints, releasing restricted connective tissue, alleviates pain and improves mobility.

If you are looking, improve athletic performance, increase mobility, eliminate pain, or reduce stress, schedule an appointment with Scott. Contact us now!

Scott teaches Mobility for Peak Performance at Well-Fit!

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