Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Members Only classes?
Well-Fit currently offers the following Multisport Members Only training sessions free to members of the Well-Fit Training Center, view our schedule online. Members are also able to pop into any of the group training classes, depending on capacity of the class.

Where is the Whitney Young pool located?

Skinner Park, 211 S. Loomis St, Chicago, IL 60607

Where is the UIC Flames Natatorium located?

901 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60608

Can I cancel my general purpose gym membership and rely on the Well-Fit Training Center for my training?
Yes. Members of the Well-Fit Training Center will not only have unlimited access to the center and the equipment, including the CompuTrainer, Endless Pool, strength equipment and treadmills, members also will have access to two “Members Only” CompuTrainer sessions and swim sessions at local 20- and 25-meter pools per week. This is more than enough swim time during the off-season, and during the season you will be doing at least one open water swim, giving most athletes more than enough time in the water. If swimming is really your thing, talk to a Well-Fit representative about throwing in a swim technique II class at a special rate with a new membership.

Is the Well-Fit Training Center for beginners?
Yes, the Well-Fit Training Center is especially for beginners. If you are new to the sport, what better way to get started than to train at a facility geared to the sport, surrounded by USAT certified coaches and alongside experienced athletes who can give you tips on everything from nutrition, to gear to avoiding overtraining? At the Well-Fit Training Center, it’s all about creating a community for all multi-sport enthusiasts, and that includes those who are taking their first steps of the multi-sport journey.

Can I access the Training Center and the classes and group programs if I am not a member?
Yes. Non-members can sign up for classes, group training programs, one-on-one coaching, or gain general access to the Training Center and its equipment by purchasing a 10-pack of guest passes, and non-members will always receive the same warm, inclusive welcome provided to Well-Fit members.

Can I cancel my monthly membership at anytime?
No, Well-Fit requires a 2 month notice. As a benefit, members are also able to freeze their membership for a nominal fee up to 3 months at a time.

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