Altitude Training


Reach New Heights at Well-Fit

NEW to Well-Fit and the Midwest- The Altitude Room. The first and only of its kind in the Midwest, this 500 square foot Altitude chamber allows our athletes to improve their endurance by up to 35% and increase their sprinting ability by 25% in one months time.*

Altitude training can be used for a variety of training purposes including endurance sports and performance, mountaineering, general fitness and well being. The chamber includes 4 Woodway treadmills and 6 Wattbikes (spin bikes) as well as a small area for circuit training— everything you need to “reach new heights!” Whether you want to do an altitude class or use the room on your own time, Well-Fit has options for you.

Pricing Options:


Includes access to all altitude member classes as well as access to the altitude room at any time. Includes all the benefits of the multisport membership and an initial analysis and training plan.

$230 per month. Email to get signed up.


Enjoy a day at Well-Fit whether you are taking an altitude class, using the room on your own or using any of the other Well-Fit facilities. The punch card includes 10 visits, please purchase on the Well-Fit app or email


Perfect for acclimatizing before your next big excursion, this monthly membership allows you unlimited access to the altitude room at any time, including member classes for one month.

$275 per month. Email to get signed up.


2, 4 or 6 month altitude training program with personalized private one on one coaching based on your goals and your excursion plan. Email to learn more.



The altitude room will be kept at 10,500 feet during the following times. The room is open all hours that Well-Fit is open, however it will remain at a lower altitude during off hours. Please sign up for solo sessions and classes on our Well-Fit app.

Monday:  Before 6pm-9pm

Tuesday: 6am-10am, 5pm-9pm

Wednesday: 6am-10am, 5pm-9pm

Thursday: 6am-10am, 5pm-9pm

Friday: 6am-10am, 4pm-7pm

Saturday: 7am-12pm

Sunday: 7am-12pm (14,000 Feet)

For Mountaineering

Whether you are looking to spend a week out west skiing or you are preparing for the climb of a lifetime on Kilimanjaro, you will need to pre-acclimate your body to survive lower levels of oxygen at altitude. It’s not just enough to show up with the proper gear. Studies suggest that activity above 8,000…  Read more »

The Ultimate Mountaineering Program

Get Started

For Performance Sports

Whether you want to get faster at a 5K or you are preparing for an Ironman, altitude training will help you perform at your own personal best. Increase your endurance, sprint ability and overall strength, burn more calories and reduce your recovery time after exertion. Altitude training is no longer just a training tool for…  Read more »

Cycle Max Power

5 Weeks |  Get Started

Altitude Performance “Booster”

6 Weeks |  Get Started

Chicago Marathon “Booster”

6 Weeks |  Get Started

Altitude Booster Program Add-On

4 Weeks |  Get Started

For General Fitness

If you are simply looking to improve your general fitness, increase your strength or lose weight, then altitude training is for you. Not only has altitude training been shown to promote weight loss, but it can also be used to assist in a variety of medical conditions as well as aiding in injury recovery. Altitude…  Read more »

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