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Altitude training has been shown to aid in weight loss and recovery and improve strength

If you are simply looking to improve your general fitness, increase your strength or lose weight, then altitude training is for you. Not only has altitude training been shown to promote weight loss, but it can also be used to assist in a variety of medical conditions as well as aiding in injury recovery.

Altitude training allows you to burn more calories in a shorter period of time—the lack of oxygen forces your body to work a lot harder and use more energy, in turn, burning more calories. Altitude training allows you to get fitter faster so you’re using your time at the gym efficiently.

Altitude training has also been used to retain fitness levels while injured and actually reduce fatigue-related injuries. Studies have shown that simply walking at altitude will give you more metabolic and physiological benefits because your body is working harder, maintaining your level of fitness without pushing yourself too hard after injury. You will return to your favorite activity much faster training at altitude.

Work out with a coach or personal trainer who will build you a comprehensive plan to achieve your weight loss or recovery goals, incorporating altitude training. Or join as an altitude member and take advantage of our altitude classes!

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