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Increase your aerobic power by 35% and hit the ground running this season

5 Weeks

5-Week program to maximize your cycling power in preparation for training season. Complete the program on your own time/schedule!

The benefit of high intensity hypoxic training is well documented. Over the past 10 years it has been shown over dozens of research articles that if you incorporate intervals at threshold or above into your training plan, you will increase your aerobic capacity, endurance performance and sprinting ability.


Biology of Sport- Compared subjects who trained at altitude with high intensity training in simulated altitude. Both groups had significant improvement in VO2 max and performance, although using different mechanisms.

Plos Journal– High intensity intervals in hypoxia significantly improves overall repeated sprint ability compared to sea level, in essence, training at altitude gives you “more matches to burn.”

Journal of Sports Science and Medicine– Intervals at threshold intensity and medium duration in an altitude room is an effective training means for improving aerobic capacity and endurance performance.

Simulated altitude, not actual altitude

In real altitude the atmospheric pressure is decreased and the air molecules are further apart making the air thinner. The percentage of oxygen in the air is the same as at sea level but there is just less air. If you need more oxygen you need to get it from a tank or wait for a few hours. In simulated altitude there is no change in atmospheric pressure and to achieve the same effect, the oxygen molecules are filtered out. The air stays at the same density but with lower percentage. If you need more oxygen you just open the door and leave the room and you are in normal oxygen conditions.

Why does it work?

The mechanism by which altitude training works is very simple – since oxygen is the primary source of energy production for the human cell, it is the key limiting factor to success and athletic ability.  Exposure to altitude or reduced oxygen levels, introduces a new challenge that the body must confront and adapt to maintain balance. This balance is your new level of fitness.

There are two major altitude models that are used by athletes and everyday people.

  • Live High – Train High: Maximum exposer to altitude and maximum increased oxygen delivery from the lungs to the muscles, by increasing the amount of red blood cells. However, this method has somewhat limited performance at sea level, mostly due to inability to train at high intensity.
  • Live low – Train High: Maximizing oxygen absorption and processing in the working muscles when using high-intensity training protocols and improve performance for athletes with endurance, sprint ability, and strength. Mostly by increasing the cells ability to absorb and process oxygen.

How does the program work? 

As a cyclist, you should have these three kinds of workout in your training plan; endurance rides, tempo intervals and sprint sessions. Endurance and tempo workouts will be the ones from your training program. The altitude sessions will replace your sprint sessions and will be done in the altitude room at the Well-Fit training center. The two workouts in the altitude room will be performed at all out effort. Coach Sharone will work with each individual athlete to adjust his/her training plan to fit with this program.


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