Triple Bypass Program


Train at altitude and triumph through the Colorado Rockies!

May 14  |  8 Week Program

8- Week program to prepare you for the 120 mile Triple Bypass ride in the Colorado Rockies

This program will be available as a full training plan or an altitude “booster.” Both will include two coached sessions per week in Well-Fit’s brand new altitude room!

This ride is one of the toughest ride in the nation and takes you through the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 120 miles, three big climbs and an altitude of nearly 12,000 ft. We can help you buzz through it!


Well-Fit’s Altitude Room

1700 W. Hubbard, Chicago

Tuesday/Thursdays at 6pm

Full Program

Our personalized program will help you get your legs and lungs ready for this legendary ride. The program will focus on building three major abilities:

  • Climbing – build your climbing ability while conserving energy
  • Distance – gradually build your ability to cover the 120 miles
  • Altitude – increase your performance and ability training in the altitude room and avoid altitude sickness

This program is periodized for peak performance on race day and include the following:

  • Baseline testing
  • Complete training plan delivered on TrainingPeaks
  • 2 weekly coached sessions in the altitude room
  • Ability to make up sessions on your own
  • Strength training program
  • Free access to our yoga sessions
  • Complete coaching support
  • One on one meeting with the coach
  • Discounted access to our state of the computrainer room
  • A community of like minded people to support you along the way

COST:  $500 (non-members), $400 (members)


Bypass Booster

Join the coached altitude sessions two times per week and BOOST your performance in the Rockies with increased endurance power and sprinting ability. Designed for those who already have a training plan or coach.

COST: $350 (non-members), $250 members



Simulated altitude, not actual altitude

In real altitude the atmospheric pressure is decreased and the air molecules are further apart making the air thinner. The percentage of oxygen in the air is the same as at sea level but there is just less air. If you need more oxygen you need to get it from a tank or wait for a few hours. In simulated altitude there is no change in atmospheric pressure and to achieve the same effect, the oxygen molecules are filtered out. The air stays at the same density but with lower percentage. If you need more oxygen you just open the door and leave the room and you are in normal oxygen conditions.

Why does it work?

The mechanism by which altitude training works is very simple – since oxygen is the primary source of energy production for the human cell, it is the key limiting factor to success and athletic ability.  Exposure to altitude or reduced oxygen levels introduces a new challenge that the body must confront and adapt to maintain balance. This balance is your new level of fitness.

There are two major altitude models that are used by athletes and everyday people:

  • Live High – Train High: Maximum exposure to altitude and maximum increased oxygen delivery from the lungs to the muscles achieved by increasing the amount of red blood cells. However, this method has somewhat limited performance at sea level, mostly due to inability to train at high intensity.
  • Live low – Train High: Maximizing oxygen absorption and processing in the working muscles when using high-intensity training protocols in order to improve performance for athletes in endurance, sprinting ability, and strength. Mostly achieved by increasing the cells ability to absorb and process oxygen.


** Class cost will be refunded 50% if canceled no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date. After 2 weeks there will be NO REFUNDS. Injuries will be dealt with on a case to case basis.

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