Altitude Training Protocols


Train on your own with these training programs to guide you

Altitude training programs protocols:

  • For Runners – beginner, advanced
  • For Cyclists – beginner, advanced
  • For Triathletes – beginner, advanced

Consideration points:

  • Research done over the past 60 years shows that training at simulated altitude provides a significant performance benefit and can be gained in a very short time (as short as 3 weeks) ONLY if you train at a higher intensity level.
  • Altitude sessions will replace your regular speed/high intensity sessions that you will normally do on the track or on the road. However, you will still need to do your endurance work at normal sea level conditions.
  • To benefit from simulated attitude training, you need to train in altitude at least 2 times each week for 4 consecutive weeks or 3 times a week for 3 weeks.
  • Workout intensity
    • For the run intervals use your ½ marathon pace
    • For biking sprints go as hard as you can
    • For biking hard go at 20watts to 20% below your FTP
  • Training at simulated altitude year-round will guarantee continuous improvement.
  • Before competition, train for 4 to 6 weeks doing at least 2 sessions per week and 0-1 sessions on race weeks.
  • Hikers and climbers should train at simulated altitude at least 3 times a week- two high intensity sessions at 10,000 ft and one hike at 14,000 ft.





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