Lisa Abraham came to Well-Fit for the 6 week Altitude Booster program leading up to the Toledo Marathon. She has been racing since 2007 and has completed 9 marathons. Her best marathon prior to Well-Fit was in 2010 in Grand Rapids where she ran a 3:45. 

She has used the Hal Higdon marathon training plan in the past incorporating one day of speed work. During the Altitude Booster program at Well-Fit, she did interval speed work 2x per week in the altitude room leading up to the early season Toledo Marathon in April.

Lisa absolutely crushed her best time and ran a 3:36, a PR by 9 minutes!

“I think that the altitude training gave me a “boost” both physically and mentally. It made me confidence and I think it helped me from getting tired the second half of the race. Instead I had a nice negative split. It was the best race of my life!”