Claudia Langarica has been training with Well-Fit for 3 years. She has completed a variety of races including 15+ marathons and 5 Ironmans. She is a 5x Boston Marathon Qualifier and this year she decided to step up her training before Boston and did our 6 week Altitude Booster Running program.

The Booster Running program begins with a 12 minute all out baseline test. Before training at altitude, Claudia was able to complete 1.76 miles (a 6:48 minute/mile pace). She did her 2x per week speed work in the altitude room leading up to the race and took the 12 minute test again. This time, she was able to to 1.96 miles in 12 minutes (a 6:04 minute/mile pace). Her heart rate stayed relatively the same, meaning her fitness has improved…in just 5 weeks time! Just imagine what a 12% improvement can do to your racing?

Claudia continues to train at Well-Fit and now incorporates the altitude workouts into all of her training plans. According to Claudia, the hills felt easier to run and she was able to keep pace without 110% effort!

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