Erika Ostrander is a member of our Triathlon Elite Program and has been training with Well-Fit since 2010. Erika is extremely dedicated and always pushing herself to the next level and really loves racing- she has completed 6 Ironman races and over 30 marathons. Since February, she has been in the altitude room 2x per week as part of her training and has seen huge early season gains so far.

  • PR the half marathon distance with a 1:42.39 in April
  • Qualified for Boston with a 3:40.47 (only a minute off of her PR at that distance in 2012)
  • First overall win in a local 5K
  • FTP from 182 in February to 195 in June
  • Lost 12 lbs since February


Erika is thrilled with her progress  and says she is looking forward to doing a 70.3 and 2 full Ironmans in the fall at a higher level of fitness.

“It is all about consistency. However, I believe that the short high intensity work outs in the altitude room have improve my overall fitness level, strength and allowed for better recovery. I have noticed that my muscle strength has improve significantly, allows me to run faster on hills and push higher watts on the bike for longer periods. At the same time my aerobic fitness and performance continues to increase, I am currently running my long runs at 8:15 pace, I have not run that since 2011.”