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Is Caffeine Part of Your Race Nutrition Plan?

Melanie Clark (Battaglia), MS, RD, CSSD Sports Dietitian Melanie@Wellfitinc.com How many hours per week do you spend training leading up to an endurance event? As you put in countless hours of training make sure you also have a nutrition strategy as this is a component of race and training success. One example of a race…  Read more »

Get Your Gear in Check

Sharone Aharon, USAT Elite Level III Coach Race day is coming faster than you think, and before you know it, you will be standing in line for packet pickup. It’s time to get started with a consistent training program that will peak your performance on race day. In addition, you need to get the right…  Read more »

The Goal is the Journey

–Sharone Aharone, USAT Elite Level III Coach A minute after I crossed my first Ironman finish line back in 1998, I couldn’t escape the thoughts of what now? Is it all over? Is this it? I struggled with that thought for weeks, but I still started to train for my next event without putting more…  Read more »

Why Group Training?

–Sharone Aharone, USAT Elite Level III Coach   Triathlon is a complex sport that can take a few seasons to master. The options for gear, training techniques, and nutrition are endless—and often cumbersome to tackle on one’s own. There are a few ways to make the process easier, and each has its purpose.  For beginners,…  Read more »

Heat Acclimation for Happy Summer Running

-Sharone Aharone, USAT Elite Level 3 Coach   Heat acclimation is a topic that comes up every Summer. Most athletes are concerned with acclimation for a race and how the heat will affect their pace and finish time. Acclimation training will produce better results on a hot race day, make your summer running more pleasant,…  Read more »

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