Cycling is not all strength power and speed. Perfecting a few handling skills will ultimately make you a safe, fast and confident rider.

Although we rarely stop during a race, the skill of braking is fundamentally important. Knowing how to break properly will keep you safe and ultimately help you brake less. To master braking, you need to develop three basic skills: develop a feel for the breaks, learn how to “feather” the breaks, and know where to place your body’s center of gravity.

Acceleration and deceleration always require more energy than maintaining the same speed. Skillful cornering will reduce the need to slow down, which will allow you to preserve energy and maintain your position at the front of the pack.

In this clinic we will go over the following topics:

  • Breaking and emergency stopping – knowing how to effectively break
  • Cornering – knowing how effectively ride through a corner
  • Avoiding obstacles – potholes, debris, odd obstacles
  • 180 degrees turn – safe and quick without stopping

Clinic Information

  • Date and Time: Sunday, August 2nd at 9am
  • Location: Well-Fit Performance rear parking lot
  • What to bring: Bike, Helmet, bike shoes, dress according to weather

Join us for an amazing clinic and learn the skills you need to be safe and fast on the bike.

Email to RSVP.

See you there!