Greg is a member of our Elite Team, multiple Ironman finisher and USAT certified coach. He learned to swim in his 40s(!) which sparked a passion for endurance sports. Since February, he has incorporated altitude training into his routine and has seen an uptick in his overall performance in many areas. He still says he’s “the ‘before’ picture for running technique”—despite running his fastest ever in an early season 5K.

January- 20 minute run test: 7:03 min/mile pace

April 8th (Good Life 5K)  6:37 min/mile pace

** That’s a PR! after just 10 weeks training 2x per week at altitude.

Greg said, “Altitude training at Well-Fit is like doubling down on high intensity interval training without doubling the training time. With good guidance, altitude training can improve your overall performance and help you crush your goals. It works for me!”