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Making Sense of Altitude Training

-Sharone Aharon Altitude training caught my attention around 2006 when I was working with USA Triathlon Team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Eight months ago, I decided to revisit the concept of this form of training and how it could benefit athletes. I had two questions that I needed to answer: How…  Read more »

Well-Fit Launches the First Altitude Training Center in the Midwest

Altitude Training is shown to improve endurance by up to 35% and sprinting ability by 25% in one month’s time. (Chicago, Illinois)—Well-Fit Triathlon & Training has announced the opening of the Midwest’s first commercial use altitude training chamber at their facility in West Town. Altitude training has been used by almost  every Olympic level athlete…  Read more »

How High Can You Go? The Power of Altitude Training

-Sharone Aharon My first encounter with the concept of altitude training was in the mid-2000s while working with the USA Triathlon resident team in Colorado Springs. These athletes were spending 2-3 of their workouts per week in altitude chambers, exercising in a low-oxygen environment and the results were unmistakable. The concept is not a new…  Read more »

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