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Altitude Training Helps Top Athlete Get Even Better

Boston Marathon, 2019 If you’ve worked out at Well-Fit anytime within the, oh, last year or so, odds are you’ve met or seen Paul Gavin.  Like all our athletes, he is dedicated to his training.  He puts in the time, and he realizes great results—on both a personal level and for the charity he supports. …  Read more »

Marathon Training at High Altitude- As Seen on NBC

In preparation for the Chicago Marathon, our Well-Fit athletes are turning to Altitude Training as a “boost” to their current program. Well-Fit is home to the first and only altitude training room in the Midwest and athletes are coming from all over Chicago to get an edge. The room is set at 10,500 feet during…  Read more »

Altitude Training Case Study 10: David Pinsonneault

David had recently moved to Chicago from Oregon and was looking for a way to train hard in a sea level location in preparation for the Chicago Marathon where he is trying to achieve a sub 2:40 marathon. “It is well known within running circles that the very best in our sport train at altitude.…  Read more »

Winter Motivation: Say goodbye to the blues

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s harder to stay motivated and continue to train. It may start with a couple of skipped workouts, life event that interrupt your scheduled workout and holiday commitments that take up your entire schedule. Before you know it, a week has gone by and…  Read more »

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