Bike Programs


Bike Programs

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite, Well-Fit’s cycling programs will take your performance to the next level

Under the tutelage of our expert instructors, training at our CompuTrainer Studio will help you become a better rider.

We are committed to:

  • Insuring that each workout is tailored to your fitness level
  • Providing individual attention with world class instruction to boost your confidence on the bike
  • Structured and progressive workouts that will boost your fitness and speed during each class, and from one class to another

For all classes you may need:

  • Bike: The bike that you race with
  • Optional: Bike Computer; The computer should have cadence function
  • Optional: Heart Rate Monitor; Any brand is good as long as it has Heart Rate range function
  • Optional: Power Meter paired with Head Unit (computer)

We offer several classes throughout the fall and winter:

Weekend Long Ride

This is an 8 week, 2-hour class that is designed to develop your cycling base and improve your ability to pedal consistently and efficiently for an extended period. Training sessions will be performed mostly in power zone 2 and 3 with occasional visits to zone 4, 5, and 6.

Well-Fit Cyclocross

Cyclocross is among the fastest growing participant sports in the United States. Well-Fit CX will teach you everything you need to know and get you hooked on this amazing sport.

Introduction to Cycling

Well-Fit is now offering a bike class designed specifically to teach beginner cyclists the fundamentals of cycling to improve their comfort on the bike. All athletes and all types of bikes are welcome at this class. Learn from experienced and professional instructors in a fun, non-intimidating environment, the award winning Well-Fit Computrainer Studio.

Iron-Fit Cycling I & II

Iron-Fit Cycling is a two step program over the fall and winter that will progress the athletes level of fitness with each session. Any athlete who wants to make cycling their strength in Triathlon will benefit from this program. Each step of the program will last 8 weeks and have a specific focus. Athletes can take an 8 week session individually or in succession. The athlete will see an increase in their threshold power over the course of any 8 week program but to maximize their off season cycling training they will seethe most improvement from taking each program in succession. The program will meet twice a week and combine cycling and strength training to mold more powerful athletes.

Cyclocross Technique and Strategy

8 Weeks

The Well-Fit Cyclocross Technique & Race Strategy training program will give you the skills, fitness, and strategy you need to be successful racing in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series (ChiCrossCup). It’s one thing to practice cyclocross skills on your own, but to be taught in a methodical manner by an expert instructor will not only…  Read more »

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Iron-Fit Cycling I & II

8 weeks

This program will redefine your cycling ability. Introducing Iron-Fit Cycling. The program designed for the athlete looking to set a new personal best at their next Olympic distance race or prepare for a grueling Ironman/Half Ironman bike course. Iron-Fit Cycling I and II will progress your cycling ability over the fall and winter season by…  Read more »

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