Nutrition for Athletes Course


Take your nutrition to the next level to maximize your performance

4 weeks

Mondays, Beginning February 8th

4-week program to take your nutrition to the next level, led by registered dietitian and elite level triathlete, Melanie Battaglia, MS, RDN, LDN. During this course, you will learn about race fueling strategies and how to balance your nutrient and hydration needs for maximum performance. One class per week with dietitian feedback and accountability during the week.

Fueling your body with adequate nutrition plays an important role in maintaining energy levels, recovery and getting the most out of your training and ultimately performing at a higher level. This program can be applied to any race distance. By the end of this program, you will have a performance nutrition plan along with other useful nutrition knowledge.

Obtain performance specific nutrition knowledge:

  • Accountability during the week with a virtual food-tracking platform with dietitian feedback offered in real time
  • Create a personalized and practical nutrition plan based on current eating habits and lifestyle
  • Nutrition for weight loss versus nutrition to increase lean body mass
  • Strategies to maximize training and performance
  • Athlete grocery store tour
  • Nutrition for race week

What to expect:

The classes are designed as mini workshops specific to different parts of your training. By the end of the 4-weeks you will have a performance nutrition plan to boost training and racing. In between classes, apply what you worked on during the class to your own routine and receive feedback.




“I really enjoyed Melanie’s class. She is very knowledgeable in triathlete based nutrition and the facets of training and food discipline needed for the sport. She was able to take the time to address specific concerns and questions from each person while still keeping the class relevant for everyone else. She was also accommodating to personal schedules and made the time for those who couldn’t make it to  scheduled class. The program helped me be more aware of my eating and training habits and I feel more confident going into this training season as well as more prepared for long term nutritional needs.” – Emily M.
“We all know that what we do during our workouts matters, but how we fuel our bodies before, after, and during is just as important if not more.  Participating in the Nutrition for Athletes class has been an integral part of my training.  As someone who has personally and professionally studied various aspects of nutrition for several years, I took the class with a lot of previous knowledge, and still found it to be extremely engaging and valuable.  Nutrition research is constantly evolving, and applying this knowledge to your life as an endurance athlete is different.  Being able to learn from the experts at Well-Fit, who both know and practice what they teach (with great race results!), has given me a different perspective and new tools to help my body perform at its best.  This class is one of the best investments in myself I’ve made in a while, and I would highly encourage others to do the same.” -Erin S. 
“Melanie covers fueling yourself from pre-exercise to during exercise to post exercise/recovery. You learn proper hydration and carb/protein consumption for your body.  She doesn’t just concentrate on calorie intake.  I took the classes because I was struggling with crippling headaches after long workouts.  Melanie didn’t just tell me I wasn’t getting enough water.  She explained that it could be electrolytes, water, carbs, or combination of all 3.  She walked us through examples and guided us towards what may work for us the best. I can gladly say that since week 2 of her class, I have not had a headache post workout.  I have spent a lot of money keeping my bike in good working shape.  I’m thankful that I finally did the same for my body.  We all need a ‘tune-up’ at some point.” – Debbie W. 
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