Virtual Classes


Virtual Classes

Take advantage of Well-Fit’s FREE virtual classes from the comfort of your own home.

It’s now more important than ever to create a new routine or to maintain your fitness in preparation for rescheduled races.  Well-Fit is continuing to help you stay consistent by creating and delivering content and new programming intended to closely resemble our regular training center schedule.

And best of all, it’s FREE for you…your spouse…your neighbors…you name it!  Classes along with their Zoom links are listed below.

Please email us to sign up for a membership at Well-Fit!

7:00 AM – Strength with Linda 
5:30 PM – Bike with Ted
7:00 PM – Yoga with Anne

7:00 AM – Strength with Scott
8:00 AM – Stretching with Scott
5:30 PM – Bike with Russ

7:00 AM – Bike with Ted
5:30 PM – Bike with Mauricio

7:00 AM  – Bike (70.3) with Ted
8:15 AM – Strength with Linda
5:30 PM – Bike (70.3) with Ted/Sharone

7:00 AM – Bike with Brad
11:30 AM – Strength with Scott
12:30 PM – Stretching with Scott

8:00 AM – Bike long ride with Ted

9:00 AM – Bike long ride with Ted

We at Well-Fit greatly appreciate everyone’s participation and continued support during these trying times.  If you like the complimentary classes we’ve been offering, please consider a modest donation so that we can continue offering them to you without interruption. 

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