Performance Testing & Movement Analysis


Performance Testing

At the Well-Fit training center, we provide baseline testing in order to identify your weaknesses and give you a baseline for your race.

Single Sport

If you are intimidated by open-water swimming or always have a great bike, only to get passed by everyone on the run, our Single-Sport Evaluations are a great way to work on the most limiting factor in your races. Learn more about our single sport evaluations in swimming, biking, running and strength work.


Whether you are a novice or experienced triathlete, our popular five-session Complete Multisport Assessment will help you get motivated at the beginning of a season or stay motivated mid-season.

Qualitative Movement Analysis

Using observation, assessment, and diagnosis, qualitative movement analysis focuses on the processes behind human movement, beginning with how to recognize and correct errors.  Incorporating motion analysis video technology, dynamic and static posture will be evaluated as well as postural strengths and weaknesses. Capturing relevant information from your motor performance will provide you with detailed feedback and an appropriate intervention strategy to improve your performance in sports, exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

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