Private Coaching


Private Coaching

Do you know what your true athletic potential is? Do you want to find out?

Endurance sport and even more so triathlon can be daunting. However, your decision to take on the race makes you halfway there, and we can help you with the rest of the way! As coaches, our job is to show you what is possible, build a road map, and empower you through your finish line. We work together, building your strength, and working on your limitations one step at a time. We start with your goals, note your current position, and customize a progressive path to your finish line.

We have helped thousands of athletes exceed their expectations. We work with athletes at all levels and abilities. We understand the beginner athlete’s needs, and we know how to help those who want to win the race.

We have more than 25 years of coaching and racing experience. Our program is based on the most current sports science available, yet at the heart of the program is constant communication and ongoing evaluation with the coach, ensuring the continued “fit” and success of the training plan. Our first step is to get to know you. We review your performance goals. Develop training objectives. Learn about your athletic history and identify your strengths and limitations. We then establish your heart rate, power, and pace training zones. At this point, we are ready to develop your yearly training plan.

Private coaching includes

● Well-Fit training manual

● Annual Training Plan mapped with your long-term goals

● Detailed daily workouts for swim, bike, run, and periodized strength training

● Integrated data and data analysis to understand your progress

● Consistent dialogue through email and phone conversations

● Pre-race call to discuss race strategy and preparation

● Post-race discussion about your race result and feedback for the future races

● Advice and information on the following topics:

  • Periodization
  • Race Planning and Strategy
  • Nutrition
  • Sport-Specific Skills
  • Mental Preparation and Motivation

Learn about our coaches
Well-Fit is pleased to offer several coaches who are available for private coaching. Learn more about our coaches.

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