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Group Sessions + A Complete Training Schedule

Every group training program combines the camaraderie of group training with a complete training program so you complete the rest of your workouts on your own time. Along the way, our coaches will answer your questions and constantly seek to improve every aspect of your training. Our community will keep you focused and hold you accountable.

Smarter = Faster

At Well-Fit we coach to the whole athlete. Completing a triathlon is more than just doing the training – it’s doing the right training at the right time in addition to integrating proper nutrition, recovery, and mindset. Our training plans make sure you do the right workout every day to make the most of all the time and effort you put into training.

Every Pace, Every Speed

With 17 athletes per training group, you will find training partners at similar speeds in the swim, bike, and run. No matter where you are in your journey as an athlete or at what pace you go, you will find a welcoming place in our group along with detailed education, guidance, and support from our coaches.

Miami 1/2 Marathon

Race Date: Jan. 29, 2023 Stay Fit in the Off-season, improve your running and escape to Miami during the cold days of a Chicago Winter. Whether you’re just starting out or targeting a new PR, your training begins here. We’ll help you train right and finish strong—whatever your level, whatever your goal. WHAT’S INCLUDED Custom…  Read more »

Half Ironman Training Programs 2022

Training program is designed to provide comprehensive training and support to successfully complete an Half Ironman Triathlon.

Spring 70.3 Training

January 10 |  24 Weeks |  Get Started

Summer 70.3 Training

May 2 |  21 Weeks |  Get Started

Ironman Training Programs 2022

Ironman racing can be an amazing and overwhelming experience. Well-Fit Performance has coached ironman athletes since 2009 with more than 99% athlete’s success rate. Our coaches are experienced athletes that have coached the ironman distance for over 10 years. They bring excellent training knowledge and understanding of what it takes to the training plan. Well-Fit…  Read more »

Ironman Summer

March 1 |  Up to 31 Weeks (based on race date) |  Get Started

Chicago Triathlon

Chicago Triathlon Training: two training options Long program starting on April 25th – 18-week program Short program starting on June 6th – 12-week program Whether you are looking to take on the challenge of completing your first triathlon, or you are trying to improve your performance, Well-Fit’s Chicago Triathlon group training program has helped hundreds…  Read more »

Well-Fit Elite Program 2022

Looking for fast times in your next triathlon? Great. Just searching for others who share your passion for training and racing? Even better. Elite Team Application If you are a high-performing athlete looking to train with other advanced level athletes and a USAT Elite Level III coach who will help you break through plateaus and…  Read more »

Run Club

Whether you’re just starting out or targeting a new PR, your training begins here. We’ll help you train right and finish strong—whatever your level, whatever your goal. WHAT’S INCLUDED – $110/month Three runs each week, Tuesday 6 pm – 606 endurance run Wednesday 6 pm – track workout Sunday 9 am – long run Marathon,…  Read more »

Youth Triathlon Training Program

Encouraging young athletes to embrace a healthy lifestyle through a fun and engaging triathlon team program  12 Program – June 6th to August 28th  This 12-week training program will develop the young athlete’s fitness, skill, and strategy to complete the Youth Triathlons. The Well-Fit youth training program meets two times weekly and trains under the…  Read more »

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