Private Coaching


Private Coaching

Do you know what your true athletic potential is? Do you want to find out?

Endurance sports, and especially triathlon, can be daunting, and we can help you with the rest of the way! With more than 30 years of coaching and racing experience, we bring an enormous amount of knowledge, always tapping into the latest applied research to maximize your performance.

The new Well-Fit M.C. Triathlon Racing Blueprint is a simple three step system that is working every time. This training system is simple, highly customized, and promotes consistent training, prevents injuries, and still has time to enjoy your family and friends.  

Plan – Build – Train

  1. Plan– we build a highly customized yearly training plan that fits your racing goal, level of fitness, and lifestyle to ensure consistency of training throughout the season. We adjust the program based on life events and needs as you progress.
  2. Build – we develop your body to take on the future training you need to accomplish your goals. Improve your skills in all three sports, build strong bones, ligaments, and joints, and the strength required to endure your future training.
  3. Train – is the progressive development of your fitness using proven science and the art of coaching to maximize your potential and bring you to the finish line healthy and as fast as YOU can.

Triathletes that follow the Well-Fit Triathlon Racing Blueprint system, enjoy peak performance on race day without wasting time, injuries, or unnecessary frustrations, and have time to enjoy family and friends.


Over 30 years, we have helped thousands of athletes exceed their expectations. We work with athletes at all levels and abilities. We understand beginners’ needs and know how to prepare those who want to win the race.

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