Single Sport Analysis


Single Sport Analysis

Is one sport preventing you from trying out triathlon, or holding you back from the results you want?

If you are intimidated by open-water swimming or always have a great bike, only to get passed by everyone on the run, our Single Sport Evaluations are a great way to work on the most limiting factor in your races. This “a-la-carte” service is an economical way to target an area for improvement and really focus on it.

Each evaluation includes a videotaped session which will be used as the basis to recommend drills and workouts to improve your performance. The swim evaluation consists of a pool session, while the bike and run sessions are performed on a computrainer or treadmill. Also included are a bike and run anaerobic threshold test to determine your heart rate training zones for each sport. In addition, we offer single-session evaluations of your strength training technique, recommending traditional functional training and core stability exercises to support your triathlon abilities and competitive edge.

By sport, each session includes:

  • Swim: Stroke analysis, swim drill instruction, recommended dry-land exercises.
  • Bike: Position and technique analysis, anaerobic threshold test and pedal stroke analysis (on CompuTrainer) to determine appropriate training levels, drills to improve pedaling efficiency, pedaling speed, strength and power, discussion of bike fit and minor bike fit adjustments.
  • Run: Technique and posture analysis, anaerobic threshold test (on treadmill) to determine appropriate training levels, running drill instruction, discussion of proper footwear.
  • Strength Training: Coach takes you through a sample routine which blends traditional and functional strength training exercises, based on USA Triathlon’s weight lifting program, get a 16 weeks weight lifting protocol

Each single sport evaluation also includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your goals, needs, and current level of experience.
  • Recommended types of workouts in that sport to improve form, intensity, and endurance.
  • Video of your form as well as experienced athletes performing drills critical to success in the sport.

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Video Swim Analysis: $150

FTP Testing and Analysis: $150

Run Gait Analysis: $150

Body Composition and Circumference: $50


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