Swim Programs


Swim Programs

The best swim classes and programs in Chicago

The swim is probably the most difficult and important part of any triathlon. Most people have the hardest time with the swim and nothing is more frustrating than spending hours training then spending 10 minutes floating on your back trying to catch your breath. Well-Fit’s phenomenal swim coaches will make sure you are comfortable in the water and able to complete your swim with confidence.

Private Swim Analysis

A 60 minute pool session with a USAT certified coach using video analysis and on the spot feedback regarding your freestyle stroke. Also, includes a post session recap via email and recommended work out direction. In the end, you will receive those essential drills that will help you receive optimum performance in the water.

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Swim Technique I: Balance and Comfort

You will feel comfortable and competitive in the water. Individual attention is assured with small class size and two coaches on deck. We will help you build an efficient freestyle stroke.
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Swim Technique II: Faster and Farther

Welcome to the next level of swim technique: the pursuit of faster swimming, going beyond the basics of staying afloat and streamlining in the water. This class will focus on teaching the correct biomechanics of propulsion with an emphasis on learning the essential high elbow catch.
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** All classes will be refunded 50% if canceled no later than two weeks prior to the start date. After 2 weeks there will be NO REFUNDS. Injuries will be dealt with on a case to case basis

Swim Technique I

Sign Up Here Is swimming holding you back from racing your best Triathlon? Do you feel fatigued after a few strokes? Can you “swim” but can’t really “swim”? Many new triathletes describe the swim as the most significant barrier to enjoying the sport. We can help you! Discover the key to conquering your triathlon swim…  Read more »

Swim Technique II: Faster and Farther

Welcome to the next level of swim technique. We will build on your fundamentals to add power, hydrodynamics, and increased fitness all to make you a faster swimmer. If you’re a confident swimmer looking to unlock your speed potential, then Well-Fit’s Swim Tech II Class is for you. We will deconstruct your stroke to develop…  Read more »

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