Swim Technique II: Faster and Farther


Swim Technique II

6 Week Program

Welcome to the next level of swim technique. We will build on your fundamentals to add power, hydrodynamics, and increased fitness all to make you a faster swimmer.

If you’re a confident swimmer looking to unlock your speed potential, then Well-Fit’s Swim Tech II Class is for you. We will deconstruct your stroke to develop a ‘high elbow catch’ and how to ‘surge’ from one stroke to the next. Let US Masters Swimming coach Nic Ruley guide you to a more efficient freestyle.
In 6 Weeks, Well-Fit’s Swim Technique II will offer the following:
  • Four weeks of indoor pool work and two weeks of open water swim training
  • Lectures on freestyle biomechanics
  • Dry land exercises to increase motor unit recruitment and stimulate faster muscle memory development.
  • Freestyle-specific flexibility routine.
  • Video stroke analysis
  • In-water demonstrations by the coaches
  • Specialized drill progressions that focus on maximizing propulsive forces
  • Follow-up emails with session recap.
  • The goal is to show the swimmer how to step up their training by emphasizing the more detailed and engaging elements of faster swimming.
The class is designed for the confident swimmer.
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UIC Student Health Center, 828 S. Wolcott in July.

Ohio Street Beach in August.





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** Class cost will be refunded 50% if canceled no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date. After 2 weeks there will be NO REFUNDS. Injuries will be dealt with on a case to case basis. Any coupons or other discounts must be taken at time of purchase only.**

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